Pod of Hippopotamus Knocks Off a Crocodile

Everyone fears Crocodiles because of their aggressiveness in the movies and folk stories. Even on the news, they have a bad image for being the cause of death by humans living near the rivers.

But did you know that in Africa, the most dangerous and aggressive animal is the hippopotamus?

A crocodile stuck at the middle of the herd of hippos.
A crocodile stuck at the middle of the herd of hippos.

A rare video footage uploaded by Cao Manh Lam shows that a crocodile has no match for a adult hippo.

The scene started when a giant hippo started biting something underwater. And then the herd started to go wild because a crocodile was attacking something. Most of the adult hippos bumped and munched on the reptile.

The mob stopped moving when the crocodile disappears and then another hippo started to stomp something on the water. The next scene shows one of the hippos carrying the motionless crocodile on its huge mouth.

The River Horses

Also known as Hippopotami or Hippos are considered as the 3rd largest land mammal and can be found in Africa. They are related to the dolphins and whales.

Crocodile attacked and killed by angry Hippos

During October, the dry month known as 'suicide month', hippos and crocs will wage war over territory as desperation drives them to share very small spaces and crocodiles are forced to feed on hippos when all other prey has moved elsewhere, seeking the rains.
But the unlucky beast's defences were no match for the raging hippos. Described as one of the most aggressive creatures in the animal kingdom, an adult hippo can apply several tons of pressure in a single bite
There was no way for him to escape. A few seconds later his lifeless body slipped below the water

Incredible tussle between mother hippo and crocodile took place at Lake Panic at Kruger National Park, South Africa

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