Watch the craziest Japanese "Passing Game" ever

Have you tried playing the popular Passing Game? You need to pass a piece of paper to your team member using your mouth. And the paper should reach the last member without falling.

A game show from Japan recreated the Passing Game, same mechanics but this time, the players will pass a surprise object. Yes, they doesn't have any idea of what object the host will use. :D

Two players passing a weird object.
Two players passing a weird object.

The Red Team's first item is a live small crab. The little crabby needs to reach the other bowl which is on the other side of the last member. The fourth member dropped an egg which is obviously a joke time during the game. The second item is a small lizard. And last but not the least, is a tortoise. But the Red Team fails to bring the little tortoise to the other side because of the lack of time.

And then the Blue Team's first attempt is a frog. Yes, a live frog! Most of their members doesn't want to catch the frog. Then the next one is a small lobster. And for their final round, a small fish. Unfortunately, they also fail the last part but what's more surprising is the poor fish disappeared when it entered the last member's mouth.

WARNING: The video is not for kids and to those who are not comfortable with crazy stuff like frogs, crabs and lizards. :)

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