Tragic moment when a pet Dog gets bitten by a Crocodile

A horrific video of a pet Dog who is innocently playing in the lake was snapped by a wild Crocodile that was lurking underwater.

The video was shot by Danielle Davonport from Cape Town, South Africa.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

It is said that Ms. Davonport was assigned to South Africa for an assignment when she accidentally saw the attack that ended the life of what seems to be an Australian Shepherd dog.

No one knows who the owner of the dog is, but when they find out it will surely break their heart.  The dog on the video looks like a friendly and happy dog.
The owner will surely miss him.

According to Ms. Davonport,
I was shooting a sunrise scene at the park, it was beautiful, we had the drone out, lots of cameras.  I was looking through the long lens when all of a sudden I saw this commotion happening in the water. I saw some kind of animal running in an out of the water tormenting the hippos, soon I realized it was a domestic dog. They were actually two domestic dogs but one was a lot more abrasive than the other. When I saw this I started to realize that something was going to go wrong.

The 24-year-old Freelance Videographer also added,
This isn't a natural situation for the dogs to be in, the domestic dogs shouldn't be there they were really irritating these hippos. I started to see these crocodiles coming around the side, four or five crocodiles getting involved. It was then that when I stepped back from the camera, I thought I don't even want to see this. I knew something drastic was going to happen. I had no control over it, I was more than 500-600 meters away from the dog, we were over a body of water, so I was completely helpless, I did not know what to do.

The said video by Caters TV on YouTube was posted to alert everyone that each one of us needs to be careful specially in the woods because nature will always takes its natural course so it is our responsibility to be aware and keep our love ones safe.

WARNING: This video has graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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