Who will win? DonEkla Versus KimChi and Ariella

Donita Nose and Super Tekla versus Kim Chi and Ariella who do you think will win?

Feeling bored or sad or just simply wanted to smile?

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If your answer is Yes, then you are in the right site.

In this episode, Donita Nose and Super Tekla are on the same team while Kim and Ariella will have to battle and use their wits to beat the funny duo.

Let the battle of the wits begin!

Battle No. 1 - Who is smarter among the duo?
Don - "Ariella is really smart because she graduated as one of Valedictorian in her school!" "Kim goes to Ateneo School, can you beat them Ekla?"
Ekla - "What Ateneo, its so Eww!"
Kim - "Why Ekla, at what school did you graduated from?
Ekla - "Ateneo? nah my school is better, its KUYA NAMIN!
Don -"What KUYA NAMIN?

So I guess 1 point for Ekla and Don on this one!

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Battle No. 2 - Lets talk about your Courses
Don - "So Kim what is your course?"
Kim - "Masscom".
Ekla -"I am a proud graduate of Masscom"
Kim- 'Oh really Masscommunications?"
Ekla- Yes, Bachelor of Science in Masscommunications, Major in Broadcasting
Don - "Minor in?
Ekla - "Vulcanizing"

Vulcanizing and Broadcasting, it rhymes!

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Battle No. 3
Don - "So Ariella, you are proud to be a Valedictorian"
Ariella - "Yes, but that was in Elementary"
Don - "At least you used to be Valedictorian, what about you Ekla?"
Ekla - "Me, I was a Kickout! but I was able to go back."
Don - "What is your favorite subject Ariella?"
Ariella "Chemistry"
Don - "Ekla, do you know Chemistry?
Ekla - Of course!
Don- Ariella what is the first symbol on the table of elements?
Ariella -"I changed my mind, its English!"
Ekla -"See, she doesn't know!
Ariella -Yes I know, its letter H, Ekla do you know what is H?

KimChi, Ariella, Super Tekla and Donita Nose, photos via GMA Network Video

Another question for Ekla
Ariella - What is the name of H20?
Ekla - "It is Water"
Ariella - Alright, thats correct
Ekla - Hello, bring it on!
Don - "Ariella, what is beside H20?"
Ariella-"Is there something beside H20?
Don- "Yes there is, its HB0!
Ekla-"H2P is whats beside H20 up to Z!

O,P,Q,R up to letter Z gets? Once again points for Ekla and Don on this!

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