WATCH: Raw footage of Amusement Ride accident at the Ohio State Fair

A terrible accident happened last July 27 at the Ohio State Fair claimed the life of 1 person and caused 7 people injuries when one of its rides malfunction and flies apart.

Photo courtesy of Kinsola King Youtube channel

It was the first day of the Ohio State Fair when the tragic incident happened.
Expectation that it was supposed to be a happy day has left a lot of witnesses questioning the accident.

Everyone was enjoying the day when all of a sudden everything changed and  turned into an incident that many of them will never forget.

A video which was posted in social media recorded the horrific incident.

A ride called Fired Ball was recorded with at least 2 riders being thrown out thru a high speed in the air.  The impact was so strong that one person was found 50 feet from the ride.

7 people injured, 5 in critical condition and an 18 year old was killed.

The fair's operation was quickly shut down by local authorities and an ongoing investigation is currently being done.

The said fair was scheduled to operate until August 6 and has attracted a high volume of visitors.

In California,  The Orange County Fair is closing  a similar ride to the Fire Ball which is called the G Force to ensure safety  among its riders as a precaution.

The Fire Ball has been inspected prior to its opening and based on the inspection records, the said ride has passed all its test.

The fair is still open, however all rides has been shut down until the investigators find out what caused the accident.

A lot of people has been saddened and shocked at the same time  with this incident.

Let us all pray for the family specially  of the lives that was taken due to the accident that happened.

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