This Assassin won't miss any target, but too excited to shoot

The video started off like an interesting hardcore action scene as the famous assassin, portrayed by Ogie Alcasid, fix and secure his sniper in place. Then he talked to an unnamed caller, who was Michael V, through his ear peace saying he's ready.

The strange man behind the call said he seems to be a little because he just woke up. The assassin being all professional, manly asked who is he going to shoot. The unnamed caller, told him to look outside and spot a man wearing white in front of a book store. The assassin quickly shot the man but it got really funny when the caller said that the man was with them.

Ogie Alcasid as the sharp shooter.
Ogie Alcasid as the sharp shooter.

The assassin kept calm and composed despite his hilarious mistake. The unknown caller told him that look and find for the man near a telephone booth looking like a military. Without wasting any seconds, the assassin shot the man. Then the caller said, the man was also with them. Oops! That's strike two for you assassin!

Then the caller said that there was another car behind it approaching. Then he said "Tirahin mo na!" So the assassin shot the man inside the car. Little did he knew that he caller was not talking to him but to his wife! The assassin was getting annoyed.

When the caller looked through his window, he was shock that their men were all shot. He intensely told the assassin to look at the window and spot the man looking at him. Then, the assassin shot the man. The caller yelped in pain and he was shock as the assassin who shot me, who again, shot the wrong guy. However, the assassin continued to shot the caller. It was kind of gruesomely funny. When the assassin thought the caller was dead, he packed his things. But before he leave the scene, the caller said, "Infairness, asintado ka."

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