This man tries to melt a brand new iPad Mini

According to Wikipedia,
An iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc. On the other hand, a foundry is a furnace where metal objects are made by melting metal and pouring it into molds.

So what happens when you place an iPad in a mini-foundry?

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

A YouTube channel called Let's Melt This describes itself as "melting things one day at a time." It is a channel that "was created so that we could share the videos of all the things we melt. If it can melt, we will melt it and post the video to this channel for your viewing pleasure!"

And that’s just what they did - melt an iPad in a mini-foundry!

In the video, they placed an iPad (in perfectly good condition, might we add) to slowly melt. You'd expect it to turn completely into liquid, but it's more durable than it looked.

See for yourself what happens when an iPad is placed inside a furnace!

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