Sanggol na nasa stroller, nahulog sa escalator

Stroller carrying a baby falls down the escalator in China

Every parents using a stroller to carry their infants should know how to ride the escalator properly to prevent any accidents.

On the video uploaded by APEFREAK MovieZ on YouTube, a closed-circuit television footage captured the horrifying event inside a mall in China.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

The CCTV was located on the mall's escalator, a man with a stroller and a baby on it appears and on their way down the lower floor. The man placed the stroller carefully on the escalator and then the unexpected thing happened.

As the gap between the steps of the escalator widens, the stroller lost its balance and started to tumble down the stairs. As seen on the footage, the father tries to hold on to the handle of the stroller but its too heavy.

The woman carrying a baby and a toddler was hit by the stroller. A man who's standing next the escalator acted swiftly as he shuts down the operation of the stairs.

The time and date of the accident is not available on the video. There are no report regarding the health and condition of the infant and the other involved after the tragedy. We pray that the baby is safe and in good condition.

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