Serenading tips from Dolphy, Panchito and Minyong

A classic movie clip from the legends of Philippine comedy, shows a traditional Filipino value in courting a girl.

Comedy King Dolphy together with his sidekicks Panchito and Minyong are planning to serenade someone and they're practicing on what to sing for the special woman.

olphy, Panchito and Minyong practicing 'My Prayer'.
Dolphy, Panchito and Minyong practicing 'My Prayer'.

How to serenade your love one

Dolphy asked some help from his friends Panchito and Minyong to serenade a girl from Manila. The three guys are deciding on what song to sing for their Harana.

To make their efforts succeed, the song must be delightful for the woman and to her parents. They must also consider the other people living near the house of the woman, they must not get disturbed while they're doing the song.

And because the comedy theme of the movie, the three comedians kept on doing slapstick jokes while practicing that makes the movie more entertaining aside from their wonderful singing voices and epic guitar playing.

Sarung Banggi

This is a traditional folk song written by Potenciano B. Gregorio Sr. in Albay. The tagalog version was a popular Harana song to serenade a girl that you want to court.

One evening as I lay in bed
I heard the sad song of a bird
At first I thought it was a dream
But soon I recognized your voice

I opened my eyes and arose
And strained in the darkness to see
I looked about and up
Then saw your radiant face.

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