Pumasok yung Limatik sa mata nung Lalaki

A man got infested with Blood Leech on his eye! Here's how to remove it

The sport of climbing mountains or mountaineering is one of the most popular outdoor activity in this generation. Mountain climbing is just a challenge to yourself on how you can overcome the obstacles on your way to the summit. There are also health benefits, psychological advantages, social interactions and amazing explorations on this hobby.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

But part of the challenges of reaching the summit are the different encounters and experiences of the wild, take this one as an example. A group was on their trip in Mt. Makiling via Yakult trail when some of their members felt something strange on their eyes.

A video uploaded by Lemuel Lee on Facebook showing two mountain climbers with blood leeches on their eyes. They demonstrated on how to remove the "limatik" safely from the eyes of the victims.

One of the members rubs a cotton buds with alcohol on the skin of the huge blood leech. They said that the alcohol irritates the skin of the Limatik, causing it to come out of the eye.

And when the leech is visible, the grab it by hand or by a twissor, and they pull it fast to prevent it from going back inside the eye.

For more tips on how to deal with Limatiks or Blood Leeches, you can read this article.

WARNING: The video contains some graphic scenes while removing a big blood leech on the eye of the victim. Viewer's discretion is advised.

Here's another victim of the limatik.

Sources: LoveEatWander.com, Lemuel Lee on Facebook

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