Bangkay ng Hippopotamus, sumabog habang kinakain ng Leon

A decomposing body of a Hippopotamus bursts on a Lioness

Lions are sometimes scavengers from the left overs of other animals' food, sometimes they still eat rotten and decomposing bodies of animals on the field.

On a video uploaded by Kruger Sightings on YouTube, an incredible footage of a Lioness eating a dead body of a Hippopotamus.

 A screenshot from the video.
A Lioness trying to open up the body of a dead Hippo.

A Hippo carcass was floating near the shore of a pond, then a female lion was on top of it and she's trying to eat something on the belly part of the body.

While pulling out something from the tummy of the Hippo, something bursts out and the Lioness was surprised. She stopped eating and stayed on the top side of the body while waiting the internal pressure to subside.

Another explosion happened and the lion was shocked and decided to join her pride. Because of the unexpected turn of events, they decided to leave the dead Hippo body temporarily.

WARNING: The video contains some graphic contents. Viewer's discretion is advised.

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