Surprisingly funny! Signs your a Filipino acted by group of American.

Hey Joe is a group of American missionaries who fell in love with the Philippines and its culture.

Hey Joe group picture

They have created several videos and one their popular videos is "Signs you are a Filipino. 

Signs you are a Filipino

Connor, Davis, Jake, Tylan and Sumner re-enacted several habit that is unique to Filipinos.

So what are those Signs that indicates you are a Filipino?

1. Using your finger to measure rice. This is common a way to cook rice and ensure that the rice has sufficient water. We normally dip our finger as the tool to measure the water. 

Signs you are a Filipino: Measure rise using finger

2. Expert at staying cool. As a tropical country, we are already used to either rainy season or summer. And because we are already used to hot weather, Filipinos has already developed a coping mechanism to staying cool during summer season. 

Signs you are Filipino: Staying cool

3. Respect for Elders of course! We put the hand of an elder to our forehead to express respect, we call this "Mano".

Signs you are Filipino: Respect for Elders

4. Last bite. Im sure you are all familiar with this! Even though you know in yourself that you wanted to eat the last piece, you are too shy to eat that so everybody waited until one brave soul who can no longer resist, pick the last bite. 

Signs you are Filipino: Last Bite

5. Vidyoke, need I say more? We love to sing our hearts out!

Signs you are Filipino: Vidyoke

6. Excuse ko. Yes we are a polite race, we say excuse me whenever we pass by in between two people talking to each other, but we have a unique way in doing so. 

Signs you are Filipino: Excuse ko

7. We use Pssst! to call the attention of another person. Anybody not guilty of this?

Signs you are Filipino: Psst!

8. Lastly, the way we do our picture taking! We love taking pictures of whatever interest us, Food, Selfie, you name it. What's more unique is the way we take group pictures. We have a normal, compress and wacky poses! Don't you love taking pictures!

Signs you are Filipino: Picture taking

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