Maine Mendoza spent some quality time with her family

After such busy month for Maine, she spent some bonding time with her family as they celebrate the birthday of her two siblings. Watch how happy and nice family they are!

Mendoza Family
Mendoza Family

It's been a busy and rough past few months for Maine as she and Alden prepare and shoot their first lead movie in Italy. She has been away from her family for almost 3 weeks. And of course every celebrities needs to have a private and quality time with their love ones.

Yesterday June 12, after being such a busy bee, Maine spent an evening with her family as they celebrate Coleen and Nico birthdays in a hotel.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
In some photos posted by her brother Dean, they look all happy that they were complete for their sister and brother's birthday.

Maine's brother Nico was with his partner while her sister Coleen was also with her boyfriend to celebrate that special occasion.

Maine was so elegant with her black silky mini dress as she poses wacky photos with his brother Dean. She was also the 'kengkoy' one in their family as she make jokes and hilarious snapchat videos with her sister's boyfriend.

Maine so sexy and elegant
Maine so sexy and elegant
Even though she was in a fine dining restaurant, Maine couldn't stop her self from being such a 'makulit' person. In the video, she was captured laughing and making fun with her sister's boyfriend while getting their food.

The waiter was also one of her victim when she asked for a shake, and it turns out it was a joke, when she said 'harlem shake'. Everyone inside the room laughs while the waiter was clueless about Maine's joke.

Their family picture was so nice, but it looks like someone was missing? Where's Alden? I hope someday we can see Alden in one of their family bonding! Right ALDUB Nation?

Watch the video here:

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