Alden and Maine partners-in-'kalokohan' too!

As what the sayings said, 'The birds with the same feather flocks together', this is what happened to Maine and Alden as soon as they got to know each other more! Watch how close and happy they are together..

Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)
Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)

Before Alden met Maine, he was like a guy who's quiet, shy and someone you would never see joke or play around. But it looks like everything changed when Maine came into his life. He was more happy, bubbly and we always see him laugh.

In an interview, Alden revealed that in fact he was really a very 'makulit' person, and it looks like Maine brings out the best in him.

Through their 1 year journey together, Alden and Maine have already made a lot of memories together. Even though it's scripted or not, the best part on it was how it made them closer and their friendship stronger.

When they went to Italy, many AlDub fans believed that going there and staying away from the limelight and the paparazzi, Alden and Maine could be so much more than just friends. And it think it really happened!

Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)
Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)
Their friendship was set to another level. You can see their closeness, doing some naughty things together in front of their fans and making sure that they are enjoying each other's company.

In the video caught behind the scenes, Maine and Alden were posing for a fan when they decided to do silly poses together, the sweet part was they were actually thinking the same! They don't need to talk about what they should do, but once Maine or Alden started something their body and mind would match.

Alden must be really happy to find someone that would bring out the real him, someone he could do silly faces and silly things. Alden and Maine must be really meant for each other!

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Watch the video here:

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