UNBELIEVABLE! This couple sold their own baby just to by an iPhone!

What this teen couple did to their baby was INSANE and UNACCEPTABLE! Watch the video below..

Duan and Mei sold their newborn baby for $3,530
Duan and Mei sold their newborn baby for $3,530

Being a parent is one of the hardest job in the world. Once you had a baby, it's not all about you now, you have to feed, raise and take care of the kid. Give him/her the best things in life!

For some parents, having a child is a blessing, but there are also those parents who doesn't give care to their own child. Some chose abortion and adoption, like what these couple did to their 18-day old baby.

A teen couple in China allegedly sold their new born baby daughter to buy an iPhone and a motorbike. The father, A Duan (not his real name), from Fujian Province, was the one who found the buyer of his daughter.

Duan found the buyer in an online site called QQ and paid him with $3,530 (23,000 Yuan) for the baby. The baby's mother, Xiao Mei (not also her real name) has been working in a series of temporary while her partner spent most of his time browsing at internet cafes.

Duan and Mei met way back 2013 and following an unwanted pregnancy. Both were 19-years-old at the time and being short of money and finds his daughter to be a financial burden.

In order to buy his material wants and possessions, Duan took up the opportunity to sell and traffic her own new born baby. Mei had fled from Tong’an after the baby was sold, but was tracked down by police investigating the illegal sale.

The teen couple were eventually arrested by the police which were given three (for the father)and two years (for the mother) years' imprisonment as punishment for their crime.

“I was adopted, and in my hometown many people gave their kids to others to raise. I genuinely didn’t know this was illegal.” explained Mei

The unnamed buyer, who later turned himself into police, purchased the baby for his sister, in whose possession the child still remains while police determine the best course of action.

Watch the video here:

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