EB Problem Solving: "Frederickwa Ninakawan" calls the Dabarkads for help!

A caller has a big problem about his co-worker who he caught stealing things from their salon. Watch what hilarious advises the Dabarkads gave him!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
One of the funniest episode of EB's Problem Solving was when a gay beautician called Dabarkads and asked for an advice about his co-worker who was stealing money and things from their salon.

The caller named Frederico Agaton is a senior hairstylist in a beauty salon in Sampaloc. As soon as he was connected through phone patch, and the Dabarkads heard his voice, they immediately laughed because of his very gay voice.

Jose keeps on teasing him with his name and calling him "Frederickwa", and adding W on every word. When asked about his problem and why he called, Frederico or as he said can call him Mama Rita, has a co-worker whom he called "Ang mga kamay ni Hilda". It's because he believes that his co-worker is a thief that's why he call him that name.

When the Dabarkads asked him what are the things his co-worker had stolen, he said that the money from their tip box would sometimes lose some amount. And then Mama Rita said that he once already caught that co-worker doing something and after that keeps on saying sorry on him.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

When he reported it to their boss, Mama Cherry Pie, instead of getting angry on their thief co-worker, Frederico was the one whom was blamed lying.

Wally joked Mama Rita to pinch that co-worker with a nipper, he answered Wally that how can he pinched that when even his nipper was stolen by his co-worker. When they heard him crying a little bit, they asked what's with the nipper and why he's being emotional.

Mama Rita said it was given to him by a friend from Japan that was already dead. The Dabarkads said that he should just leave the salon and apply to other. Or he and his other co-workers who have caught that thief could just leave and just transfer, instead of being scolded by their boss.

Watch their other advises to Mama Rita:

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