Bloody Mystery: A girl who cries and sweats BLOOD!

This girl has been allegedly cried tears of blood for nearly two years.

A photo of Twinkle while she was crying blood
A photo of Twinkle while she was crying blood

Twinkle, a 13 year old girl, was from the northern Indian city of Lucknow. She was suffering from a frightening and as yet undiagnosed condition. However, her Hindu neighbors and local devotees of the Goddess Kali thinks and believes that Twinkle was not ill but was possessed by a restless spirit

Aside from crying blood, Twinkle also spontaneously sweat blood. She bleeds from her head, hands and feet.

While some people believes she was possessed, some thinks that her mysterious illness is a stigmata. Which is a manifestation of wounds suffered by Jesus Christ in his final days and crucifixion. And throughout the history of Catholicism, there were over three hundred people who have claimed to be stigmatics. Most of the reported people where women.

Twinkle's relatives longs for the answer towards her condition. They have taken her to see different doctors and specialist through out the country still no one was able to treat her mysterious condition. There was even an Indian medical establishment who accused Twinkle's family for faking the incident.

The video shows the life of Twinkle, together with the people who are close to her, as they look for answers from various religious people, from bishops to gurus.

Dr. George Buchana, a leading Pediatric Hematologist, also traveled to India to meet Twinkle and his family hoping he could provide them answers and solutions. According to him, Twinkle might have some problems with her platelets, these cells help in blood clotting. Or the little girl might have a form of cancer. But in the end he did not concluded anything and claims that he will need to run more series of test to find out more.

But what is the truth? Do Twinkle needs a medical solution or a mystical one? Watch the video and share us your thoughts on the comment box below!

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