Sugod Bahay winner drowned Wally in a basin full of water!

Another Jose and Wally's silliness with the 'Sugod Bahay' winner. Watch why the lady drowned Wally in a basin of water!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola loves to do pranks and jokes with one another specially during their 'Sugod Bahay' segments. Sometimes, even the winner could not get off their 'kalokohan'. Wally and Jose would let them join their silliness and pranks that will make everyone laugh.

It's never a dull moment during their interviews with the 'Sugod Bahay' winners. And because they were one of the best comedians today, their jokes and silliness were all natural and they were fast thinkers. They make fun of everything, like from the winner's funny voice, or sometimes the winner's relatives, just everything funny they could think of they would surely make fun of it.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Another hilarious segment of Jose and Wally's 'kalokohan' was just last June 22, when they were interviewing the 'Sugod Bahay' winner for the day and learned that she wanted to be a 'kontrabida'.

So Jose the 'promotor' of the 'kalokohan', made an impromptu shooting and movie outside the house of the lady. The scenario was the lady will arrive and will see her siblings still washing their clothes then drown them into the water. After her siblings, her father (played by Wally) will show up and would defend his children, but the lady who's very mad would also drown his father in the basin.

When it was time for Wally's role, the lady was in full force and drowned Wally like it was a real movie shoot that made everyone in the Broadway laugh. But Tito Sen and Bossing, requested repeat that part because they didn't see it clearly.

So Wally gamely positioned himself in front of the basin and let the lady drowned him! It was really hilarious how Jose and Wally make impromptu jokes and stories. That's why there were one of the best stand up comedians today.

Watch the video here:

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