Did Alden called Maine 'Hon'? Watch it!

These two lovebirds couldn't hide their true relationship status to their fans! Watch the video wherein Alden called Maine, 'Hon' that will surely make you so 'kilig'.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Even though Alden and Maine would always deny their real status now, netizens specially the AlDub Nation fans are doing everything just to prove that these to are now an item and more than just friends.

There are several videos that was uploaded on YouTube by AlDub fans, capturing Maine and Alden being sweet and hearing their 'terms of endearment'. Fans have been patiently listening to their conversations in case they could hear Alden and Maine calls each other 'hon' or 'honey'.

And because of their effort on proving that the phenomenal love team are really more than just friends, they caught some clips from different occasions hearing them calling each other 'hon'. Even though it's not that clear, AldUb fans still believes that what they heard was real.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
In this video, Alden was taking a video of Maine while she was eating and heard asking her, 'Masaya ka ba, hon?'. The was so clear, even when you try to replay it many times you really can hear him calls Maine, 'hon'.

It made the AldUb fans so kilig and happy knowing that maybe Alden and Maine are now in a 'Mutual Understanding' stage. But, it's not only the best part of the video, you can also see Maine forcing Alden to eat her food and then used her fork to fed him. Isn't so 'kilig'?

Seeing these to being so comfortable and happy with each other is the best thing that Aldub Nation was waiting for. I'm sure there are still lots of video clips there that can prove Alden and Maine's real relationship status now.

Watch the video here:

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