What how Maine and Alden's fans reacted when they arrived at the airport in Italy!

AlDub fans from Italy were so excited to meet their idols, watch how they welcomed Maine and Alden at the airport. Video below..

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

When Alden and Maine arrived at the NAIA airport here in the Philippines last May 8 to fly to Italy, the fans here were all out support for their idols as they shoot their first solo movie in Italy. They were mobbed by their fans at the airport who wanted to have pictures of them.

But AlDub Nation from Italy are more excited to see the Alden and Maine for the first time. In the video that was uploaded on YouTube was videos from the fans that was compiled. There was moments where in fans are all shouting and looking happy as they ran to Maine and Alden.

At the first part, as the fans were walking with Maine and trying their best to have a picture with her, a man beside her who's holding a phone and taking a selfie shouted, "Yes! Yes! Idol!". Isn't cute that even a man was a solid fan of Maine.

Photo credits to Abante Online
Photo credits to Abante Online
Even though Maine was being pushed or squeezed while walking she still manage to smile and talk with her fans. She just proved that she's really a nice person with trying her best to communicate with the fans even though it's noisy. Alden, on the other hand, is also approachable and very nice as he tries to grant his fans wishes to have photo with him.

As Maine and Alden ride on their van, fans can't believe that they already saw their idols, and in the video you can hear a woman shouting, "Alden ang gwapo!".

There was this cute part of the video where you can hear a kid crying because she didn't got the chance to see Maine. Maybe because the place was really crowded that time. But still a good thing cause her mother captured a video of Alden.

Wherever Alden and Maine would go, AlDub fans are always their to welcome them. And truly that these two are really such a down-to-earth and very nice person on how they treat their fans.

Watch the video here:

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