"Stillborn” baby survives after being buried for two hours

A new-born baby survived being buried alive by her parents after they thought she was dead.

The baby's grandmother buried her after the mother went into premature labour in Dongdong, Liaoning Province.

The miracle baby: This baby girl survived after being buried for two hours.
Lu Xiaoyun, the mother of a seven year old daughter, went into labor on their farm in Dongdong, northeast China’s Liaoning Province. Convinced she was only four months pregnant, she and her husband, He Yong, were sure she must be experiencing a miscarriage.

When her husband arrived home, he found his wife - and what he thought was a stillborn baby in a pool of blood.

Emergency responders called to the scene asked for the baby, but He told them that his wife had suffered a miscarriage. Lu was taken to the hospital, and her mother buried the baby under a tree in the backyard.

When a hospital doctor asked the father about the baby, the physician suggested “that the body should be checked properly first as there might be a chance the girl was alive.” That’s the important first part of the “miracle,” but what happens next is even more stunning.

Lu Xiaoyun and He Yong parents of the miracle baby

He Yong rushed home to retrieve the body - and was horrified to discover that his mother-in-law had already buried her.

He went out into the garden and dug up the baby as quickly as possible. Despite being buried for two hours, the baby was still breathing!

The baby was taken to the hospital, where doctors discovered that Lu had been six months pregnant, not four months.

After the child was treated for three days the family ran out of money and had to discharge her.

"My mother-in-law has chronic diseases, and I also have a 7-year-old daughter. My wife doesn't have a job. I am the only one who works," Mr He said.

Thanks to donations from well-wishers the family has been able to return the baby to hospital where she is being kept in an incubator.

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