SPOTTED: Alden and Maine at the airport off to Italy!

Today is Alden and Maine's flight to Italy for their first movie shoot, let's see what happened at the airport! Video below..

Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)
Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)

During their 9th Monthsary last month, Lola Nidora surprised Alden and Maine with a gift. A movie gift! It was that day they announced that the two were going to have their first solo movie together. Everyone's excited especially the AlDub Nation.

And it's not only that the fans are excited for their first movie together but everyone get more excited when Alden and Maine were spotted at the Italian Embassy! Which was also confirmed by the management. It was their first out of the country trip and i'm sure the AlDub Nation are waiting for their pictures.

Credits to the owner
Credits to the owner
Last week, May 3, Lola Nidora handed Maine their ticket to Italy and now, April 8 was their flight to Italy. Fans who are at the airport were posting photos of Maine and Alden.

The two arrived together as seen on one of the videos uploaded by a fan. It was not that crowded but Alden and Maine were mobbed by some fans trying to take pictures of them.

If you think that the two are going to have their solo moments? I don't think so, cause Nanay Dub is with them! Yes, Maine's mom is spotted together with them. But, it's a great place for them three to have some bonding time and to get to know each other well.

The love team flew to Italy with the production staff and their director Mike Tuviera under APT Entertainment at GMA Films.

Many fans are asking about the details of the movie, but the production staff are still mum and haven't released any announced about Maine and Alden's movie.

So, let's just wait for their photos and wish them well! Bon Voyage guys!

Watch the video here:

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