Seven disturbing snake attacks in history

Snake attacks are deadly and also lethal. Snake strikes can happen at the zoo, in the farm, or even in your own patio. Let us rundown the seven deadliest snake attacks ever and watch the video below.

One of the deadliest snake attacks

To start with on the rundown is Debi Grudzinski. She is an experience wildlife worker which working with a boa constrictor named Icenia for the past eight years. Their relationship finished in July 2011 when the boa assaulted Debi. Debi was coming to inside the pen to pour some water. At that point all of a sudden suddenly, the snake bit and locked on Debi’s hand. At that point the 14-foot snake wraps half of Debi’s body. It’s fortunate, Debi’s daughter heard the disturbance and called 911. The emergency workers figured out to cut the snake until it released Debi.

Second on the list is Kevin Fowler. This American country singer found a rattlesnake in their garden at his home in Texas. He posted a photo of the snake and a wave of criticism flows telling that the snake should not be killed. Later, Kevin uploaded a photo of his friend Tommy. Tommy was bitten by a rattlesnake a year before. The photos show some horrifying injury and according to Tommy his friend is still in surgery and rehab.

Third on the list is Erik Arietta. Erik is a zookeeper and a biology student in Venezuela when he was assaulted and killed by a Python. Erik fault was he opened up the cage where the Python is kept. Zoo authorities found Erik next morning dead because the python strangled him and tried to eat him. What eerie about it is that they found half of Erik’s body inside the mouth of the python.

Up next is Grant Williams. 19 years old Grant has a pet python. In 1996, he and his younger brother was attacked by their pet python. They often show their pet python in their neighborhood in Brooklyn for extra income and career in caring snakes. One day, while Grant is feeding his pet, the snake was out of his cage. Grant was planning to give a chicken to the snake. However, a twist of fate comes in when their pet snake slip Grant as his delicious meal.

Next is Mateus. This 8-year old boy get through from a 16-foot green anaconda attack. His grandfather was in the area when the anaconda attacked the boy who was playing with his friends. The boy recalled that the anaconda pulled him to the ground and biting him. Then the anaconda started coiling itself around the boy. His grandfather heard a cry for help from Mateus’ friends. He began to beating the snake for 30 minutes until it released his grandson.

Second to the last is Jon Wayne Brown Jr. Jon was a preacher was died in 1998 after a timber rattlesnake bit him. Brown was giving a sermon and he picked up the rattlesnake as a part of their activity. The snake bit Jon’s middle finger. Then after several minutes after he collapsed and was dead in seconds. Brown was bite 22 times but this was the extreme case that he died.

Lastly is the farmer from Kenya. This farmer tries to bit the snake in order to escape. Ben Nyaumbe was attacked by a 13-foot python. He was working in a farm when he accidentally stepped on a python. In an instant, the python wrapped around Ben’s body and begin dragging him up to a tree. Ben reacted to this appalling event by placing his shirt to the python’s face and bite his tail which leads to a severe injury.

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