See what happen when a man teases a bullfrog

What will you do if you saw an African bull frog? Are you going to make fun of this big amphibian?

What happens next if you tease a bullfrog?
What happens next if you tease a bullfrog?

An African bullfrogs are a species of frog under the Pyxicephalidae family. This is also known as pixie frog. They can be found in parts of South Africa and Congo. They are living in dry and well grassland, in shrubland, in freshwater lakes, in mashes, and in canals and trenches.

This is the largest in its class which weighs around 1.5 to 2 kilograms and can grow up to 9 inches long. Like other frogs, this bullfrog eats insects, small mouse, birds and other amphibians. They are also aggressive when provoked. When provoked, they intent to bit. When stressed, they send forth a loud croaking and grumble sound. This is one of the three frog that have sharp teeth and can bite humans when being provoked. The other frogs that have teeth are Pacman and Budgett Frogs.

A female frog can lay around 3,000 to 4,000 eggs at a time. After two days, tadpoles try to feast on vegetation, small fish, and invertebrates. The male frog guards the tadpoles until they metamorphosed into a small frog after three weeks. The male still guards their young ones until they are old enough to defend themselves. However, some of the father frog tries to eat them as well.

The bullfrog can live for 35 years as an exotic pet that was breed in captivity.

In the video below, a man tries to show the teeth of an African bullfrog using a branch of a tree. However, this naughty frog bites the man which leaves a blood in the man’s finger. Then the man tries to show the teeth of the frog.
Afterwards, he tries to place the bullfrog on the ground. In spite of his inquiry, that he acquired on the first bullfrog bite, he tries to capture it using his bare hands. The bullfrog cannot handle it and tries to bite the man’s finger again. The man obtains another wound.

The frog tries to deliver a message that, “Don’t mess with me dude.”

What can you say about the video? Will you try to jeer at a bullfrog even this frog has a very strong and sharp teeth?

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