President Duterte meets the famous Bisaya-speaking Americans

Who wouldn't have known the 5 Americans who fluently speaks bisaya on their YouTube videos? Well, lucky for them they have already met our President Duterte!

There are lots of people who are becoming famous because of their video on YouTube. There are singers who are discovered from YouTube, dancers who already guested on Ellen in USA. And now, one of the popular YouTube video is from the 'Hey Joe Show' channel.

Hey Joe group meets Duterte
Hey Joe group meets Duterte

They are 5 American who recently came back here in the Philippines for their meet and greet are very fluently in speaking Bisaya that's why Filipinos are very fond of watching their videos.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

In one of their recent video that was uploaded last Tuesday, the group was close sitting to our next president Rodrigo Duterte when the Davao Mayor noticed them. The 5 guys didn't know what to do so one them said that they would come up to him and do the "pagmamano", which is a tradition here in the Philippines. It is how young Filipinos or 'kabataan' shows respect and appreciation to the elders especially when it's 6pm in the evening.

The group came back here last April 15 - May 6 for their "Hey Joe Meet and Greet Tour", which was held in Dumaguete, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Bohol.

The group is composed of Connor, Sumner, Tylan, Davis and Jake.

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