OMG! A 90-year-old woman is 4 months pregnant!

Who would have thought that after waiting for years to be pregnant, this 90-year-old woman is already on it's 4th month of her pregnancy!

Margaret Allen
Margaret Allen

This news might be hard to believe but this 90-year-old woman conceived a baby after praying for year for 14 hrs a day just to have a baby before she dies.

Margaret Allen, 90-years-old from Boone Country, West Virginia, has already 14 children on her own but her children doesn't have their own kids. According to Margaret, her kids doesn't want to breed. She never got the chance to have and take care any grandchildren. In which every grandparents' wish was to have because it gives them happiness and joy.

“I’m not sure why my own kids won’t breed. Shame on them.” Margarte said to

“But God always answers my prayers and though, at my age, the so called “doctors” say I can’t get knocked up, they is wrong. I pray hard enough, God will let me give birth to a grandchild. I mean, my own child, that I will treat like a grandchild.” she added

Margaret's ritual is waking up at 3 am and praying for God for 14 hours a day so that he makes her pregnant. After she finishes her prayer, she would usually eats her dinner and then spend the rest of the night in bed 'mating' with the 22-year-old man whom she selected to be the father of the baby.

She knows that it's really impossible for her do have a baby because of her age and also that's what the doctors said to her. So when she learned that she's already 4 months pregnant, Margaret named her baby "Miracle" because she believes that the baby is truly miracle.

“She is so dedicated, like professional athlete-level dedicated. When she sets a goal in her head, she don’t stop till she succeeds. Last year she spent two weeks praying my IBS away. She stopped a terrorist attack on our town. She even prayed for some homosexual men to get out of town and they did, eventually. She is truly a miracle worker. God will give her a baby.” said Angie Dickson, Margaret's friend from Bible Baptist Church.

In the bible, Sarah was 90-year-old when she had her first child and her husband Abraham was 100-year-old. So maybe it's possible and at least it's what the bible says.

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