Lesson learned: Don’t try and take a selfie with a sea lion

This sea lion is absolutely not ready for his closeup.

A selfie gone wrong!
A selfie gone wrong!

You know how beaches typically have a sign warning people not to feed the birds? Well, they might want to invest in a “No Selfies With Sea Lions” sign, too.

Sea Lions are very interesting animals that can end up being extremely large. The males are much bigger than the females which helps them to gain the ability to mate with them because the females will look for the largest males out there to be with.

When a tourist got too close to a sunbathing sea lion, who clearly wasn’t ready for the picture, the sea lion let its feelings be known with a very impressive roar.

We don’t blame the sea lion for getting mad. Someone sneaking up on you to take a picture is not fun at all.

Ruben Cortez just wanted a cute selfie with a sunbathing sea lion, but the sassy pinniped had other ideas. As soon as Cortez’s camera came out, the sea lion gave the most impressive bellow of disapproval ever — and Cortez noped right out of there

Fortunately, as he can be heard stating at the end of the video, he managed to capture the photo despite the sea lion’s objections

Thank goodness no selfies were harmed in the making of this video. But maybe don’t bug sea lions in the future, dude.

We really only know the basics about Sea Lions including their anatomy and their mating habits. We do know that they are very social animals and that they have a variety of methods of communicating. Yet we really don’t know much about what those different types of sounds are used for.

In the end, this brave soul did manage to snap a selfie, despite the sea lion’s loud objection. He probably posted the picture to Instagram without the sea lion’s approval!

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