FUNNY! Coleen Mendoza called Maine a "Shunga"! Find out why..

What do you think is Maine when she's at home? Why do you think her sister Coleen called her "shunga"? Watch the video below..

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

A video of Coleen and Nicolette, Maine's two elder sisters, was uploaded on YouTube telling some things that we don't know about Maine.

The Maine we see on TV is a girl who's very energetic, funny, and a super sweet 'apo' to her lolas and to Alden. There are things we still don't know about her. How's she at home when she's still not the 'Yaya Dub' today. What are her other flaws?

The only people that could tell us that are her sisters! In the video interview, Nicolette and Coleen reminisce some of Maine's unforgettable moments when she's still a normal person at home.

Not sure what or when the video is for, but one thing i'm sure is that what they will tell us would surely make the ALDUB Nation love Maine more!

Coleen was telling a story about Maine when she's still their mother's secretary and said that Maine was kinda "shunga" before. She was asking for other term but she think that definitely suits Maine for her.

According to Coleen, there is one instance where in Maine was the one who's taking care of the cheques, when one day their mother was very mad and she's looking for one cheque but Maine couldn't find it. When they reviewed the CCTV they found out that the cheque just flew on the floor and Coleen said that Maine is still happy about what happened.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Nicolette said that Maine even uploaded the video on her Twitter. Coleen's next story was when Maine lost her wallet after buying an icecream. And when they reviewed the CCTV again, they found out that Maine left her wallet inside the refrigerator with the ice cream!

It seems like Maine is really an natural and effortless comedian!

Watch the video here:

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