Eat Bulaga Problem Solving: Signs that your boyfriend is gay!

A girl asking for advice from Paolo, Jose and Wally about her boyfriend if he's gay or not. Watch what kind of hilarious confirmations did the JoWaPoa advice the girl! Video below.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Eat Bulaga had already proven that no one can beat them, not only that they are the longest noontime show for 36 years but Eat Bulaga also had created numerous unique games that was now popular all over the world.

One of it's funny segment that was just created last year was the 'Problem Solving' during Eat Bulaga's Juan For All, All For One segment. Residents from the barangay can ask for advises for their problems to Jose, Wally and Paolo. They are also entertaining problems over the phone, just like with this girl.

But the funny part was that the advice of the 3 guys are either not helpful or they are just making fun of your problems. But there are also times where in their jokes are kinda helpful.

In one of it's episode, a girl called JoWaPao and asking for help to determine if her boyfriend is gay or not.

According to the girl named Gab, one time when they got out of the car, a floral handkerchief accidentally fell from his boyfriend's pocket. At first not think that he was gay, Gab got jealous that maybe her boyfriend has another girl.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Next incident was when the boyfriend got his ear pierce with a butterfly earrings! And the third incident was her boyfriend accidentally drop a press powder. When she asked why he has that kind of thing, he just reasoned out that it was hot and it has a sunblock protection. So the caller, Gab, was confuse about his boyfriends real gender.

JoWaPao gave Gab signs to know if his boyfriend is gay. According to Wally, scare the guy with something he is scared off and if he screams like a girl, its confirmed! He's gay!

And then Paolo said that if the guy's earring was a chandelier type that's when Gab should be alarmed. And another advice from Paolo was when the press powder that he dropped was with a blush on, it's confirmed!

With Jose's advice, if a guy loves to carry your bags it's not that he wants to help you, but he enjoys carrying your bag ans he's guy!

Listening to their advises will surely make you laugh so hard! It's really a funny segment!

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