A hidden meaning on Alden and Maine's couple posts? Let's find out!

Ever since the phenomenal love team went to Italy for their movie shoot, weve seen a lot of super sweet and kilig pictures of them together. One of that is their couple posts for their 10th Monthsary together! Does it have a hidden meaning?

Alden and Maine sweet message for each other
Alden and Maine sweet message for each other

It's been 10 months since we first laid eyes on Maine during her first appearance on Eat Bulaga. 10 months also after Maine accidentally paired with Alden Richards. 10 months after the whole world got addicted and crazy about Alden and Maine 'Yaya Dub' which later on they dubbed them as 'AlDub'. 10 months of nonstop 'kilig' and laughter that these two brought us every lunch time.

Just this month, Alden and Maine celebrated their 10th monthsary in Italy. Many AlDub fans got super excited on how they will celebrate their monthsary out of the country for the first time.

Last May 16, Alden and Maine posted their photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts and Twitter. Maine posted a photo of Alden carrying her with a caption of, "through ups and downs".

While Alden also posted a photo them where they were like in a running pose and Maine was holding his backpack, with a caption of "10 mesi e contando", which means '10 months and counting'.

And because it was Alden and Maine's first out of the country trip together, many netizens specially the AlDub Nation fans were all stalking and focused on their everyday schedules and trips. And with their 10 monthsary posts, the AlDub fan's creativeness was once again made a trending topic.

According to some fans, Alden and Maine's 10 monthsary posts have a hidden meaning. With Maine's photo were Alden was carrying her it was like a letter "A", and with Alden on the other hand, they said it looks like a letter "M".

The fans were asking if its just a coincidence or they really planned it? Remember Alden and Maine telling each other the A and M letter which means 'Aking Mahal'.

And now the fans are really 'kilig' about their 'hidden message' to each other!

Watch the video here:

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A hidden meaning on Alden and Maine's couple posts? Let's find out!  A hidden meaning on Alden and Maine's couple posts? Let's find out! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Friday, May 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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