YUMMMY! Watch Maine Mendoza's Balut Challenge!

Jose Manalo challenge Maine Mendoza to eat Balut with 'sisiw'. Watch Maine's funny reaction after eating the whole balut!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Kalyeserye's episode last March 2, 2016 was a very yummy and funny segment where the 'sugod-bahay' winner sells 'balut'.

Balut is one of Philippine's exotic food, every foreigner who visits our country have tried eating balut and i think they liked it.

Jose and Bossing talked about how to distinguished the Penoy from the Balut. And then Jose told Maine to eat the Balut and he will teach her how to properly eat it.

Maine can't say no to them and her face was like she's hesitant to eat the Balut. But because it was her birth week that time, she nervously accepted Jose's challenge. He taught them how to properly cracked the Balut.

After Jose cracked the egg, he gave it to Maine to sip the 'sabaw' inside the Balut. Bossing asked Maine how it tastes, and she said, "Yung sabaw okay lang", with a reluctant face.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Maine has no idea how to eat the Balut, she was shocked when he saw Jose peel the shell of the egg and said that she has to eat it whole! Jose showed them how to eat it, Maine's face was no reaction at all while watching Jose eat the Balut and the 'sisiw'.

When it was Maine's turn to eat her Balut, Jose puts some vinegar and salt. She ate the the half of the balut but didn't she didn't chew it. Her face was like she scared and nervous at the same time to eat a 'sisiw'. After Jose told her to eat the rest of the Balut, Maine slowly took the yellow part and finally chewed it.

Everyone were laughing at her facial reaction. She was frowning the whole time she was eating the Balut. Meanwhile, bossing was teasing her about the 'sisiw' she ate, but it looks like Maine kinda like it.

After eating 1 balut, Jose and the others teased her to eat another one. She gamely ate another balut and successfully finished it!

She really proved how cowboy and not choosy she is. She said that it was her first time to eat a Balut that why her reaction was like that. But because you're not a 'maarte' person, you still accepted the challenge.

Great job, Maine!

Watch her Balut challenge here:

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