Weak Signal? Boost your WiFi signal using a beer can!

Having a hard time connecting on your WiFi signal? Here's a DIY steps on how to boost your signal at home! Watch the video below.

Aluminum can can boost your WiFi connection at home
Aluminum can can boost your WiFi connection at home

WiFi signal uses radio waves to transmit information across a network to work, just like our TV at home or our mobile phones. You could think of your wireless router as a mini radio station, which receives information from the internet via your broadband connection and converts the information into a radio signal and broadcasts these signals.

Antennas are often built with elements (like your drink can) that couple to the primary radiator. These act as "Directors" or "Reflectors". A correctly placed can like what were going to make can act as a reflector, increasing signal strength in the direction it faces, at the expense of signal strength in other directions.

Poor buffing times, lost connections or long time browsing the internet can sometimes be irritating. But, there are very easy ways on how to improve your WiFi connection.

Let's start with the things we needed!



-Can (Beer or soda can)




1. Empty the soda can and clean it with water. Make sure there is no residue left inside

2. Remove the ring-pull off the can

3. Cut off the bottom of the can

4. Cut the top of the can. Leave a little bit of metal to keep attached the part that will be the base (Be careful in cutting this part!)

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5. Cut up the middle of the can in a straight line, opposite to the attached part of the can

6. Open up the can that sort looks like a radar device (Be careful in holding the can)

7. Apply some tape on the bottom so it won't scratch your device

8. Place the WiFi booster on your router. Stick the base of the can to the router with a small piece of poster tack or other suitable adhesive

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Now time to test your WiFi speed! It is still not sure if this is effective but why not give it a try and have a fast internet connection. There's no harm in trying!

Watch the video here:

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