Watch Wally Bayola's first stage performance. Let's get to know him here!

Who is Wally Bayola before he became one of today's best comedian? Let's watch him on his first stage act before he became what he is today.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Walter James Bayola or known today as Wally Bayola's life was first shown on Magpakailanman. His challenges in life, how he became today's best comedian and his first ever stage performance.

We have known Wally as a great comedian and portrayed gay roles. He brought us so many laughter on TV and on his first home, the comedy bars. Many didn't know Wally's story behind all those jokes and laughter.

Even before, Wally was really a joker. He loves to make people laugh. And that's the reason why his wife falls in love with him. His wife's family were against there relationship but he didn't let that ruin their family and their lives.

In order for him to give his family a better life, he tried to work on a comedy bar as a gay comedian. In his Magpakailanman story, he was very nervous to be on stage for his first comedy act, but it was the only way he can help his family.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
He had to proved to the bar's manager that he can do it, cause it's the only that he know that would help him and her family. When he stepped up on the stage and joined the other comedians he definitely nailed it! Everyone was laughing on his jokes and "banats" even the bar manager.

He was like a very professional and trained comedian at that time. With those timing jokes and 'hirits'.

After he was hired on that comedy bar, a staff from Eat Bulaga watched him and invited Wally to have an audition on Philippine's longest noontime show. And fortunately he was hired and he started his journey with Eat Bulaga and his partner Jose Manalo during the 2000s.

His works, guesting, shows are over flowing, in 2011 he and Jose became part of a new TV5 comedy show, The Jose & Wally Show Starring Vic Sotto. He also had his first movie in Star Cinema with Vic Sotto titled Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! and the Metro Manila Film Festival film entry Enteng Ng Ina Mo.

Wally also had series of concerts with Jose and it was successful! But it's not always a happy moments, he was involved in a sex scandal which made him disappear from the TV. But after that, he rises up again and now one of today's best comedian.

Watch the video here:

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