Totally eerie 'Ghost City' emerged above the sea in China!

Recently, China seems to have been experiencing many odd things, from ghost cars to spooky ghost cities in the clouds!

'Ghost city' appears above the sea in China
'Ghost city' appears above the sea in China

Over the country of Jiangxi and Fosha regions, a ghost city was spotted appearing and no one seems to fully explain the incident.

Now, In Northeast China's Liaoning Province, in its major seaport Dalia,  a new cloud city was seen to appear just thins month.

Local news papers reports that thousands of people have witness the spooky yet astounding floating ghost city as it rise from the fog above the sea. However, local officials has currently no word on what exactly happened.

Some of the witnesses where able to grab to their smartphones and capture the bizarre phenomenon.

Indeed, a lot of us would really love to know what really happened behind it.

According to some articles, the most conventional explanation for the floating ghost city is that is just some sort of an optical illusion.

The floating city was said to be a stunning mirage that depicts a group of buildings above the sea. The buildings appeared to be looming in the fog, resembling a ghost city on the sea.

Watch the video below and take a close look at the splendid scene. Share us your thoughts on the comment section!

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