Showdown between YAYAPAK and ROGELIA in Kalyeserye! Super Funny!

After introducing the new Yaya and the very macho Rogelia at the Kalyeserye, a showdown happened between this two. Watch their hilarious clash video below..

Yayapak meets Rogelia
Yayapak meets Rogelia

After the search for the new Yaya of the 'de Explorer' sisters they have finally chose the one, we have already met Yayapak last April 4. And now, just a week ago April 12, a new Rogelio applied to the Lolas.

But he was not just an ordinary Rogelio, because he was a Rogelia! The very macho and handsome new Rogelia is a gay! It was a twist in the story to have a gay Rogelia despite having the normal quiet and super macho Rogelios of Lola Nidora.

The new macho Rogelio..oops..Rogelia!
The new macho Rogelio..oops..Rogelia!
Last April 13, for the first time, Yayapak met the new Rogelio. She was charmed by Rogelia's handsome face and macho body. Yayapak kept on making 'pacute' infront of Rogelia when he finally removed her sunglasses and everyone were shocked when they saw the Rogelia wearing a false lashes and an eye liner!

Yayapak were surprised when Rogelio called her a 'lason' and told her to go away! Because of Rogelia's being a 'suplada' a clash happened between this two.

After exchanging unpleasant words, they started to challenge each other and started with doing a push ups. Yayapak did a push ups with a clap and Rogelia was shaking his body while doing the push ups.

When Rogelia told them he was a Miss Universe, Lola Nidora challenged them to show their beauty queen walk and pose. 

The showdown!
The showdown!
Netizens even the Eat Bulaga hosts were very amused with Yayapak and Rogelia's beauty pageant showdown. They were very game in what Lola Nidora and Tidora ask them to do.

Another riot has added to the Kalyeserye family that i'm sure will bring so much laughter and happiness to the people.

Catch their hilarious showdown on Kalyerserye!

Watch the video here:

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Showdown between YAYAPAK and ROGELIA in Kalyeserye! Super Funny! Showdown between YAYAPAK and ROGELIA in Kalyeserye! Super Funny! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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