Man stops a fire with a vacuum cleaner! INCREDIBLE!

Who needs a fire extinguisher to stop a fire if you can use a Vacuum cleaner?! This guy is really genius! Watch what he did with the fire using his vacuum.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

When it comes to putting out a fire, all we look for is a fire extinguisher or a pail of water. But little did we know that there are other things that can be found inside of our house that can be used in putting out a fire. And this man did a little genius experiment about it!

In a video uploaded on YouTube by Photonicinduction, they showed everyone what a vacuum cleaner can do to kill a fire. James Dyson claimed that his vacuums don't ever lose suction, and yes, he was right!

He created a small fire in their backyard and set it ablaze to demonstrate how this Dyson vacuum machine is immune to fire, something that has never been seen before. After he controlled the fire, he repeated the experiment again, and it successfully blew off the fire for the second time!

The incredible Dyson vacuum proved that it cannot only clean up our mess but it can also used to put out a fire in case we don't have any fire extinguisher available on that moment.

Vacuum cleaner used to put out a fire
Vacuum cleaner used to put out a fire
After the video was uploaded and went viral, there was still no confirmation if it's really safe for us to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a fire extinguisher. This might be a another choice but i still don't recommend using this or trying this at home, it's still best to make sure that your fire extinguisher is still working or better yet don't never start a fire!

The video was uploaded last March 5, 2013 and it has 771,753 views. Here are some of the comments from the video:

"I think Photonicinduction is the only guy in the world who cleans up a fire with a vacuum, lol." wrote Kragatar

"I am now investing in a Dyson vacuum." said RussEfarmer

"I'm thankful to have a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Apparently it not only can extinguish burning gasoline, but it can do it safely! No more annoying powder from fire extinguishers to vacuum! Just vacuum the fire itself," commented SouthwesternEagle

"I don't think I would want to be this guy's neighbor," wrote SpiritBear12

Whether this vacuum can help us on a fire situation, let's still be cautious and just use the proper way on putting of a fire!

Watch their experiment video here:

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