Maine Mendoza's Snapchat HABOLSERYE! Super funny!

Maine was known for being a very 'makulit' person on cam and on her social media videos. Watch her hilarious Snapchat Habolserye that will make you die laughing!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Whenever a fan sees his/her idol they make it a point to have a picture or autograph with him/her. Some actors and actresses would be in a disguise when they go out for malling so that they could get rid of being mobbed or they don't want to cause any scene on public places.

But there are also some actors and actresses that openly walks inside a mall and let their fans have a photo or autographs with them.

Maine is one of today's most popular actress/commercial model/top endorser that many netizens wanted to have a picture, video or just an autograph with her. She is also known for having a very funny video compilations on her social media accounts such as Instagram and now on Snapchat.

A user on YouTube uploaded Maine's Snapchat Habolserye where a 'fans' saw Maine and wanted to have a picture with her but when Maine heard them she ran away so fast! But, the video didn't end there.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
The 'fans' again entered a store talking how they really wanted to have a photo with Maine when they saw her and shouted, but Maine such a very 'makulit' person hid under the clothes racks. Her friends who pretended to be the 'fans' can't stop laughing on how 'kulit' Maine is.

The 'fans' who wanted her picture were so desperate that they again saw Maine standing beside the mannequin but again Maine ran away.

The video ended where the 'fans' were still chasing Maine even outside the mall but she just keep on running away. When the 'fans' already gave up on having a picture with Maine, they just decided to have a selfie but to their surprise Maine's van passed through them with her on the window.

The video shows how bubbly and 'makulit' Maine is on and off cam. But she's not like that with her fans. There are video showing her nice attitude that when a fan wanted to have a video or photo with her would happily and willingly pose for them.

Watch her hilarious video here:

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