Lola Nidora sang "Nanggigitata" to Frankie! HILARIOUS!

There's no boring episode whenever we watch Eat Bulaga specially during the Juan For All, All For Juan segment with Lola Nidora and Alden's rival Frankie Arenoli. Watch this funny episode of Lola Nidora and Frankie.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Last August 7, 2015, All For Juan, Juan For All's episode was all about Yaya Dub and Frankie's wedding arrangement. Maine was still known as Yaya Dub that time and all she can do was to do a dubsmash if she wants to talk.

On that episode, Jose Manalo known as Frankie A. Arenoli, came out from his car wearing very expensive clothes with famous couture brands attached to it. His YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) t-shirt, LV (Louis Vuitton) belt and Prada leather jacket.

Lola Nidora played by Wally Bayola, arranged Yaya Dub and Frankie's wedding. On the other hand, Alden was crying on the split screen and Maine was also crying while dubsmashing. Until it rained and Alden was still sitting on the ground crying.

After Maine was forced to sign the papers, Lola Nidora instructed the Rogelios to bring her to the car. And then they kept on teasing Frankie about how sweaty and oily his face is already. Bossing Vic Sotto joked, "Mukhang mas basa ka pa kay Alden, Frankie ah!"

"No bossing im fresh! Para akong galing sa ref oh, nagmomoist," he answered while showing his sweaty face on screen.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Everyone laughed and then Lola Nidora teased him and sang "Nanggigitata"! With the weather and that leather jacket who wouldn't soaked up to sweat and feel oily?! It was sure a really hard job for Jose aka Frankie to wear that costume in a broad daylight.

Frankie A. Arenoli is a Filipino-Chinese-Italian rich boy who wants to get married so that he can get his inheritance. He was famous with his super expensive clothes with brands attached to it.

Lola Nidora arranged that Frankie and Yaya Dub will get married in exchange for the ransom money for her book 'Book of Secrets'. But during the wedding day, it turned out that the one who administered them was a fake pastor, meaning it was a fraud and all planned by Lola Nidora.

After that, Frankie finally decided to go home to Italy and before he go, he apologizes to Alden and Yaya Dub for all the troubles.

Watch the video here:

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Lola Nidora sang "Nanggigitata" to Frankie! HILARIOUS! Lola Nidora sang "Nanggigitata" to Frankie! HILARIOUS! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Monday, April 04, 2016 Rating: 5

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