Chuchay and Boobsie meets their sexy teacher on Sunday Pinasaya!

Another fun and crazy adventure of Chuchay and Boobsie as they meet their sexy P.E teacher! Watch their hilarious video below..

Ms. Maliksi teaching her students some stretching
Ms. Maliksi teaching her students some stretching 

GMA's Sunday noontime show Sunday Pinasaya gives the audience and the televiewers not only entertainment but also hilarious comedy segments! They have catered the people with a such unique show. They have their musical drama, fantaserye drama and one of their funniest segment was of Chuchay and Boobsie comedy adventure!

Last February 28, 2016 segment of Sunday Pinasaya's Adventure of Chuchay and Boobsie, they got to meet their sexy and fit Physical Education teacher. And it was non-other than Ms. Ina Raymundo.

The two students excitedly entered their classroom when they noticed the mat on the floor and why their tables and chair moved on the side of the classroom. They have no idea why their classroom was fixed like that. Boobsie even though that they entered the wrong classroom.

Showing her students some exercise
Showing her students some exercise
And then, their sexy P.E teacher arrived while jogging and introduced herself as Ms. Rose Maliksi or her students can call her Ms. Maliksi.

According to Ms. Maliksi, she usually just gives classes every 'Sabado Nights' but because she was charmed by their cuteness, Ms. Maliksi can't say no to the offer.

So Ms. Maliksi started to know her students by asking who's who. When she asked who's Boobsie, Boobsie joked her that it's obviously her because there are no other students on the classroom aside from Chuchay and Ms. Maliksi. Boobsie even joked her if she can see someone in the classroom that they can't see.

Ms. Maliksi kept on jogging while her two students seems to be affected by her exercise and so they also jogged like her. Boobsie said that if she was just moving maybe she could be in a far place already.

To start their exercise, Ms. Maliksi taught her students some stretching moves. While doing the stretching, Boobsie and Chuchay kept on teasing each other. Boobsie can't reach her hands at her back. And when Ms. Maliksi asked them to reach their toes, Boobsie obviously was having a hard time but found an easy way!

Boobsie doing her own version of push ups
Boobsie doing her own version of push ups
She gets a chair and puts on her foot their and reached it! Before their calss ends, Ms. Maliksi asked Boobsie and Chuchay on what they learned about doing the exercise.

"Ang natutunan ko po teacher na nahihirapan po at pawis na pawis si Boobsie. At tska importante po talaga ang exercise para maging healthy at makabawas ng timbang," said Chuchay

"Ako po ang natutunan ko po eh nakakataba po ang pageexercise! Kasi po sa dinami ng exercise ko mas lalo po akong nagutom!" said Boobsie

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