Boobay the 'Sili Queen' on Celebrity Bluff! Super Funny!

Boobay proves that milk can ease the spiciness when you eat 'sili' in the most hilarious way! Watch her funny explanation below..

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

During one of Celebrity Bluff's episode, Eugene Domingo the host, asked Jaya and Lani Misalucha if what is the best remedy to soothe the pain of 'sili' spiciness in our mouth.

The 'gangnammm' they chose was Boobay. And according to Boobay, milk is the only solution to ease the chilliness.

Boobay threatened Lani that she was also a singer. 'Singer'sitisin'! Everyone laughed so hard on the studio even the guests.

When she defended her answer, Eugene asked her to proved it and gave her a sili and milk. Boobay' face looks like she was having a second thought on eating the sili but she needs to prove it to them that she's not lying with her answer.

Everyone were cheering on her as she took a small bite of the red sili and Jaya joked on why does she looks like she was about to cry. Her reaction was so funny cause eventhought it was very spicy she still manage to crack jokes!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
After chewing the sili, Jose gave her a glass of milk to prove that it can really remove the pain. But after drinking the milk, Boobay's face was still in pain because of the spicyness, she even finished the whole glass of milk on the tray.

When she was asked if the milk helped soothe the spiciness, she answered, NO! But, according to her, she will still stand by her answer that the milk is the only remedy for spiciness! She even told Jaya and Lani to try so that they would know if her answer is correct or not.

Boobay's answer is quite correct. Because according to reports, Chilies contain a substance called capsaicin that makes taste buds sting. When capsaicin pings taste buds, these heat-detecting neural sensors send a message straight to the brain: "fire!" Milk, however, contains casein, a fat-loving compound that binds with spicy capsaicin oil and then washes it away.

So if you're eating something spicy and you got to bite a 'sili' drink lots of milk to ease the pain!

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