Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together for a shoot in Intramuros?

Another TV commercial or new upcoming movie? Let's find out!

From Maine's snapchat video
From Maine's snapchat video

There leaked videos being uploaded on social medias like YouTube, where in Maine and Alden were seen together. It was not yet confirmed if it was a TV commercial shoot, a movie shoot or the surprise they are talking about for their anniversary on July.

The videos were from Maine's snapchat, her stylist Liz Uy, her handler and other staff working for the phenomenal love-team.

There was a snap chat video of Maine which she was making 'kulit' Alden and capturing herself and him with different filters from Snapchat. They were like on break and waiting for their next scene.

April 11 segment on Kalyeserye, Alden said to Maine "See you later!". And then Dabarkads Allan K asked where are they going? And so Alden answered him, "Sa Tabi Tabi Lang."

Photo courtesy from Jade V snapchat
Photo courtesy from Jade V snapchat
So maybe, Alden is referring to their secret shoot in Intramuros. His handler Mama Ten Ten, stylists Liz Uy, Juan Sarte, Leysham and Direk Pat were seen together in the location.

If this might be another TV commercial, they are really conquering every endorsement that we see on TV. They have the coke commercial, McDonalds, Talk N' Text, Zonrox, Bear Brand, Downy and many more.

But if its a movie shoot or their anniversary surprise, i'm sure everyone will be excited and will surely watch out for it.

For now, let's give them the time to prepare for that shoot they are doing. I'm sure AlDub Nation would be delighted and happy to see the result of their hard work.

Watch the video here:

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