A very kindhearted Alden Richards attends the wake of his fan!

How many of today's actors and actresses would block off their busy schedule just to attend their fan's wake? Watch what Alden did for his fan's last wish..

Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)
Screenshot from the video (Credits to the owner)

Last April 25, 2015, a video of Alden attending a wake of his fan went viral because of how humble and kind-heart he is to make time for his fan even for the last time.

Despite of having a very busy schedule, Alden willfully gave time to attend a wake of his fan even though he knows that everyone on the wake would get excited to see him.

He may not know each and everyone of his fans, he may not know all of their names or where they live, but being able to attend the wake is really a big thing not only for the family of the fan but also to the ALDUB Nation and to Alden. Because of what he did, he showed everyone how he value and appreciate his fans.

According to reports, after Alden's show on Eat Bulaga he went straight to the fan's wake and the relatives of the fan who died said that he was really a solid Alden fan!

When Alden arrived at the wake, it was expected that everyone there would get excited and kinda noisy that some fans who saw the video was not happy with what the people did. They think that they disrespected the wake by taking pictures and shouting while Alden was there.

And Alden being kind, granted some of them with pictures taking and hand shaking even though wake should be peaceful and quite.

Here are some of the comments on the video:

"naman!!! bakit ginawang circus yung burol? God bless your kind-heart, Alden but in moment like this, be respectful naman mga fans! RIP!!" humandiseases wrote on YouTube

"One of a kind person talaga si Alden mahal nya ang mga fans nya kahit san pupuntahan nya at pagbibigyan sa munting hiling nila, meron bang ibang artistang gumawa nito parang wala pa akong nakikita, he has a big heart talaga God Bless You Always!!" said Enteng Cabisote

God bless you more Alden!

And condolences to the family..

Watch the video here:

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