Watch Ate Gay's Funny Mashup Songs 2016! HILARIOUS!

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Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Gil Morales or known as Ate Gay, is one of the best and known comedienne and impersonator of Nora Aunor. Before Ate Gay was known as an impersonator and stand-up comedienne in some comedy bars, but now he was also making his funny Mashup songs and it was going viral on social medias!

One of his mashup songs are Donna Cruz's 'Kapag Tumibok ang Puso' and Arianna Grande's 'Break Free'. He also made a mashup song of ABS-CBN's Christmas Song and then partnered it with Lady Gaga's 'Poker face'. Ate Gay was becoming famous today with his super funny mashup songs.

His hilarious mashup songs are more funnier when he was on stage and making people laugh. He was one of the regular stand up comedienne of some top comedy bars in the Philippines.

Ate Gay has been doing mashup songs even before it was popular here in our country. He uses it when he's doing guesting in some TV shows.

Alden gamingly joined Ate Gay in doing a mashup with his carrier single 'Wish I May'. Ate Gay posted their video on his Instagram account. Alden was seen laughing so hard while Ate Gay was singing the song.

Mashup is creating a song from one to two or more songs and then combining them together. Not only comediennes are famous in doing mashup song but also singers locally and internationally. Doing a mashup songs are also popular in some DJ which they use when they perform in an event or in a bar.

One of the popular mashup songs is in the movie 'Pitch Perfect', they created a new song by combining different songs. You can also find other mashup song on YouTube.

Watch Ate Gay's Mashup compilation here:

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