Watch Alden Richards' super sweet gesture to Maine Mendoza at the backstage

When you a have a partner, you always wanted him/her to be the best in front of everyone. Watch what Alden removed from Maine's lips after posing for a picture!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was one of the endorsers of Talk N' Text and they celebrated TNT's Super Panalo Day last February 26, 2016, together with the other endorsers.

During the event, we have witness so much sweetness between the two lovebirds. Started from their cute dance production to countless sweet moments backstage. One of that sweet moments was when Alden and Maine were done posing for a groupie, Alden suddenly removed something from Maine's teeth or lips, that made Maine panicked.

Other netizens said that it was Maine's teeth. Maybe they just finished eating and Maine has something on her teeth, or maybe she has a lipstick stain. After Alden touched her teeth, Maine quickly grabbed his arm and asked what's wrong and tried to show him her teeth and then pose for another photo.

It's a proof how close and comfortable these two are with each other. Alden being such a gentleman to Maine, making sure that she looks best in front of everyone. He was really sweet towards Maine wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Alden always shows his concern and sweetness to Maine even in front of many people.

This time, they are not hiding it anymore. For the past 8 years, we have seen there love story bloom. From just being a love team on a split screen to being a real life couple (MAYBE). But their actions are telling what's the real score going between them, so what you see is what you get!

They are now more showy towards their feeling for each other. And some of that are not about Kalyeserye anymore. Like that sweet gesture of Alden, if he's not into her or he's not concerned about her, he wouldn't be doing that for Maine. But, it was a gesture that's straight from the heart, that even though it should be a bit private, he still did it in front of everyone because he cares for Maine.

What do you think is that something that Alden removed from Maine's teeth? Comment your opinions below!

Watch the video here:

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