Watch Alden and Maine's 2015 Kilig and Good vibes Moments

Let's reminisce the best kilig moments of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza last 2015

BEST OF 2015
BEST OF 2015

There's so many things that happened last year 2015 to Alden and Maine's lives. It started when Maine was accidentally paired with Alden during their 'Juan For All, All For One' segment on Eat Bulaga.

It was really unexpected that these two would bring so much happiness and kilig to us. It's been eight months since the word 'ALDUB' taught us so many things. They taught us about love, respect, manners, and how to win someone's heart by giving all your efforts and willingness.

After they become one of the top love team last year, they also shared a lot of moments together and of course with their fans. They have their kilig moments, their 'tampuhan' moments, their fights and of course how they share good vibes to us.

Out of so many kilig and good vibes moments of these two, we definitely have our own favorites. I honestly can't count how many times they brought kiligness to us. I think one of that is when they started to change dubsmash song with each other, remember when they used to dedicate songs and dubsmash it? I know it was so 'nakakakilig'.

They became the main event on Eat Bulaga, people look forward every 11:30am just to see and watch ALDUB. It was not that hard to build their chemistry, they really have it!

Another one of last year's kilig moment was when they started to do the 'Pabebe wave'. Because Lola Nidora is very 'masungit', Yaya Dub would throw a flying kiss to Alden behind her abaniko. They also celebrates their weeksaries and monthsaries, but just on the split screen.

And of course one of the best moment of AlDub last year was their first time to see each other. The twitter world went crazy and had a million of tweet just for that day. Netizens was so 'kilig' on how they saw each other for the first time in spite of what Lola Nidora did to a wall.

I also remembered their first date at Yaya Dub's mansion and on Eat Bulaga's broadway, even though they are not allowed to touch or hold each other.

And of course one of the highlights of ALDUB last year was the 'Tamang Panahon' Concert. I know everyone of us was focused on our TV. AlDub Nation filled the Philippine Arena. It was a history!

There are a lot of moments we can remember from last year. So many kilig and happy moments from ALDUB. And this year, they still continue to bring smiles and kilig to us!

Let's go back and watch Alden and Maine's moments last year!

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