Video of Maine Mendoza being so nice and charming to her fan

There are lots of characteristics that netizens love about Maine Mendoza and one of that is her being charming without exerting much effort to be.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Her fans, co-workers, friends and other celebrities finds Maine charming and cute. Even though some of them haven't met her already they know how natural and nice she is whenever they saw her on TV.

Maine's attitudes makes her more lovable and likable. It's not easy to please people, there are some who will mock at you, bash you and tell you bad things, but Maine knows how to handle them. She handles them with kindness!

In an amateur video uploaded on YouTube by AlDub Love team, last October 2015, Maine was seen pushing a push cart and being so 'makulit' you can see that after he pushed the cart she rode into it. We also do that, right?! You can see how down-to-earth this phenomenal star.

While she's walking with her cart, someone who's holding the camera was running towards her and asking if she's the one who's doing that Dubsmash. Without any doubt Maine laughed at her and answered, "Ako po. Ako yun!"

Maine has so many behind-the-scene videos showing her real attitudes to people. Her fans loves to take video of her and upload it on social medias. Her co-workers are also witness of how nice and humble Maine is.

Jim Paredes, known as one of the APO Hiking Society singers, was also charmed by Maine Mendoza.

He posted a tweet on his account last October 31, 2015 about Yaya Dub (she's still Yaya Dub that time). According to him, he never knew Maine, he just heard something about her and tried to watch her on TV. And then he got impressed by Maine's being natural and confident. He also said that she's beautiful even though she loves to make funny faces.

His tweet:
Faking your attitude just to make people love you won't bring to stardom. Being natural and down-to-earth is the key to have so much people who loves you.

Maine was raised in a very humble and happy family, that's why she's like that. Every time a reporter is interviewing her, you can just see how bubbly and real she is. 

That's the reason why it's not hard to fall for her. Her characteristics will make you fall in love with her!

Watch the video here:

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