UNBELIEVABLE! 7 Things you do that are Illegal!

There are things we do in our everyday lives that we think are perfectly right but, in fact, it's ILLEGAL! And these things might bring us to jail!

Laws vary from a state to another state, that's why it's hard to keep a track on them. We don't realize that there are some things that we do in and out of our house that are ILLEGAL and we just have no idea about it.

Here are the list:

1. Making a Bet in a Bar


-It's very natural for guys to make bets whenever they watch football, basketball or anu kind of game in a bar. But little did you know that betting with friends over $2000 is illegal! It made you violated the Illegal Gambling Act of 1970.

It was in the Illegal Gambling Act, that any betting against state or local law that involves five or more people and has a profit of at least $2000 in just one day comprise an illegal gambling and it can land you up to 10 years in prison.

An incident happened last 2005, when a man named Sol Culosi, was overheard in a bar make a bet of over $2,000 in a bar. The cop who heard Culosi befriended him until one day he crossed the magical border of $2,000. So the next morning the SWAT team was in front of his house to arrest him and shot him through the heart.

2. Connecting to Unsecured WiFi Networks

-Okay, let's all be honest, i know everyone of us do this but we didn't know that it is ILLEGAL! Connecting to any wireless network that you don't own or have no permission to use, can land you in prison for at least 2 years and you may have to pay up tp a $10,000 fine, even that wireless network isn't password protected.

According to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, it's crime to gain "unauthorized access" to a computer or website. And it applies to wireless routers.

Over time, however, the law has apparently become more tolerant of Wi-Fi squatting. For example, you’re not committing multiple felonies if your iPhone jumps from network to network while you walk down the street.

There was this case where a Michigan man who drew a sheriff's attention by parking outside a cafe with an open laptop but never bought anything. He was charged with using a computer system without authorization, pleaded guilty, and paid a $400 fine.

3. Using a Fake Name Online

-Using different names in some online websites and games are very in nowadays. Even on some social medias people likes to change and use fake names and they've actually broke the law!

In that cases you're like gaining access to a computer in a way that it's owner didn't authorize, which creates 'hacking' and according to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, to fake your identity online can land you to jail between 5 to 20 years in prison.

One incident of this case was in 2010, Matthew Lacroix, committed 'fraudulent information' and arrested when he created a fake profile of his boss on Facebook. And he had to pay $500 to the Victims Indemnity Fund.

4. Writing Disturbing Fiction

-This doesn't apply everywhere but in Illinois, writing 'disturbing fiction' is ILLEGAL! It doesn't even matter whether you make it public or not. If someone reads something you wrote and finds it reprehensibly soul-poisoning, you may face 30 days of jail time and a $1,500 fine.

In 2001, Brian Roberston, an Oklahoma high school student was immediately suspended and arrested arrested under the Oklahoma statute preventing "planning acts of violence", when he discovered an evacuation manual on the school computer and used it as a bases to write a story about a commando attack on his school.

5. Being Drunk in a Bar or Pub

- In this specific law, im sure you've broken it a countless times in you life. Though this may not apply to every country, but in UK and in a certain state in US such as Alaska, it is actually ILLEGAL to get drunk in a bar or pub.

According to the law, being drunk defines as having 'lost steady self-control'. Although very few people are ever prosecuted for this, in practice the courts use markers such as glazed eyes, slurred speech and unsteadiness to determine if one is properly badgered enough to face charges for being drunk in a pub.

6. Singing Happy Birthday

- So, this law is really unbelievable. Who hasn't sang happy birthday to her family or friends? We love celebrating birthdays and didn't we know that singing Happy Birthday is ILLEGAL! WHY? It's Copyrighted.
The only who will be affected by this was those who are singing it while attempting to make money on it. The Warner Chapel Music purchased the rights to the song for $25 million dollars in 1988.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) requested that the Girl Scouts pay royalties for "Happy Birthday To You" because they've been singing that song around the campfire with paying the royalties.

7. Having a Permanent Marker or Aerosol Can in Public

- So if you are under 18 and your in a arts class and you have these things you have probably broke the law!

According to basically every anti-graffiti state law out there, it is illegal simply to possess "broad-tipped indelible markers" or "aerosol cans" in a public place, because they can be used to commit acts of vandalism.

These regulation are all around the US, from Florida to New York to California and it's also a crime when you buy a permanent marker if you're under 18.

There was a case last 2010 when a 13-year-old boy from Oklahoma was taken into custody by the police for using permanent marker in his class. The ink of his marker bled into his desk which he violated the ordinance against the possession of permanent markers.

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