Meet the Japanese Spider Man from the 70's!

Yes, you heard it right, from an American Spider Man, we also have a Japanese Spider Man! Let's meet him here!

Japanese version of Spider-Man
Japanese version of Spider-Man
Spider-Man (スパイダーマン or Supaidāman) is a Japanese live-action Tokusatsu television series produced by Toei Company, almost based on Marvel's famous Spider-Man character. This Japanese Spider-Man was the infamous version on Spider-Man.

Because of Marvel Comics and Toei short-lived licensing agreement the Japanese Spider-Man didn't get the chance to be popular around the world unlike the American Spider-Man. The series lasted 41 episodes, it started on May 17, 1978 to March 14, 1979.

In the Japanese version, Spider-Man is Takuya Yamashiro, he also wore the same costume as his Marvel counterpart, the show's plot and the origin of the character's powers differ completely from the source materials.

Produced by TOEI Company in the late 1970s
Produced by TOEI Company in the late 1970s
Takuyo Yamashiro (Japanese Spier-Man) is a 22-year-old young Japanese motorcycle racer who's given blood by a 400-year-old Human Alien from the planet Spider, making him turn into Spider-Man to defeat the Iron Cross Army and the evil Professor Monster.

Takuyo sees a UFO falling to earth, in fact a space warship named the "Marveller" from the planet "Spider, his father Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro, is a space archeologist, he investigated the case but is killed upon finding the spaceship. He followed his father to Marveller and discovered Garia, the last surviving warrior of Planet Spider, a world that was destroyed by Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army.

Garia explains that he was looking for Prof. Monster but now needs someone to carry on the fight and he injects Takuya with some of his own blood. The blood of a person from Planet Spider gives Takuya spider-like powers. Garia then gives Takuya a bracelet that can activate his spider protector costume, shoot web-lines, and controls the Marveller ship.

Though he has the same custome and powers, he tends to shout attack names to use webs and the webs and costume come from a bracelet. Japanese movies or tv series are all the same, they love to shout everything or sometimes they have those introductions before changing into their costumes or before using their powers.

The Japanese Spider-Man also has given a space ship that can transform into a giant robot known as Leopardon. With this giant robot which would summon to thwart off enlarged versions of the show's monsters.

They have those robots because Toei practically invented Power-Ranger-style theatrics and every live-action Toei show needs a robot or twelve.

Marvel uploaded Its English subtitled version of all 41 episodes from March 5 to December 24, 2009 on their official website. A theatrical episode of Japanese Spider-Man was also shown in the Toei manga Matsuri film Festival on July 22, 1978.

Watch the Japanese Spider-Man Opening here:

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