Maine left Alden a sweet message about his hoverboard. KILIG!

Because of being in demand nowadays, Alden sometimes has no time to rest, so Maine wrote something that will surely make Alden happy! Watch it!

Maine using Alden's hoverboard at the Broadway
Maine using Alden's hoverboard at the Broadway

Last year hoverboard was one of the most popular 'toy' for actors. We see videos of them using hoverboards around the studio, malls, even at their set. And last year, Alden received one from Yexel Sebastian. He was so happy and excited to use it.

Yexel was all praises to the Kapuso heartthrob because of how Alden reacted when he received the give. Yexel said that he looks like a kids who was so excited to receive a gift from his parent.

Alden can afford to buy that kind of toy, but his priceless reaction when someone gave him that as a gift is really touching. After he opened it, he quickly used it and play it around the Broadway. The smile on his face tells how much happy he is.

Last October 5, 2015 Maine visited the Broadway for the first time and unfortunately Alden was not there.

But the sweetest part was when Maine borrowed Alden's hoverboard and wrote a message for him. Maine was aware how jam pack Alden's works are. And he has no time to take a rest and have a little time for himself.

With her message, it seems like she was really concern about Alden's health. It was just 3 months after they met but Maine already showed his sweetness to Alden.

Not only that she left a sweet message to Alden, but she also ask permission to him that she will use his hoverboard.

Maine is really a well-mannered girl, before using something ask permission first. She can just use it, but no she prefer to tell to Alden even though he's not there.

Many actors and actresses uses hoverboard as a pastime whenever they are on break. A hoverboard are generally depicted as resembling a skateboard without wheels. It is a levitating board used for personal transportation, popularized by the Back to the Future film franchise.

The Guinness World Records recognizes the term hoverboard to include autonomously powered personal levitators. In May 2015, the Romania-born Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru set a Guinness World Record by travelling a distance of 275.9 m (302 yd) at heights up to 5 m (16 ft) over a lake, on an autonomously powered hoverboard of his own design.

Watch the video here:

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