Giant Sea Anemone devouring a baby Cormorant Bird caught on camera

The giant green sea anemone is a sea dwelling predator known to typically eat small fish, crustaceans and detached mussels using their gaping slit-like mouths, surrounded by tentacles and filled with venom. However, occasionally, their appetite demands something more substantial.

I knew this was going to be the 'center of attention' for the day,
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The Cormorant Bird and the Sea Anemone
The Cormorant Bird and the Sea Anemone

In the video posted by YouTube user Animal Wire, a Giant Green Anemone is seen devouring and feasting on an unfortunate baby cormorant bird, off the coast of Oregon, United States.

Marine Ornithology published a report which saying that it was unclear whether the bird was still alive or already dead when it ended up in the anemone's jaws. Their speculations are that the bird might have fallen from the sky by another predator such as an Eagle or it might have been knocked out from its own nest. Reports claims that the bird was still in rigor mortis, suggesting it had died within the previous two days.

According to Deep Sea News, researcher Lisa Guy of the University of Washington in Seattle said that it is an example of an apex predator being consumed by an animal that does not seem to really do anything. This makes the picture really surprising tough it is still not clear how long will it take for an anemone to digest an entire bird.

Most people might consider sea anemones just as beautiful flower like creature - well they are indeed - but they are also deadly carnivorous predators! The Giant Green Anemone or the Anthopleura xanthogrammica often eats tiny fishes, crustaceans and mussels but it the said video. And now it looks as though it may not be terribly unusual for well-placed anemone to vacuumed up a whole bird.

Though they don't all live together in the same place, Anemones are far from the only creatures that can take on unexpected prey.

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